Cracow's Variations

Cracow’s Variations is the title of a new exhibition which will be displayed in the Jagiellonian University Museum from 21 June to 21 August 2016. This exhibition entails the two oldest collections from the Photographic Archive of the JU Museum – created by two photo artists, Antoni Pawlikowski and Franciszek Klein. Both photographers, who began their work at the beginning of the 20th century, have left an immensely valuable archival material which illustrates Cracow’s architecture, public events and daily life of the city.

Although both photographers began their activity in the same time and took pictures of Cracow in every possible aspect, they had different perspectives on the city. When Antoni Pawlikowski, a professional photographer, wanted to show architecture, city squares, or street perspective, he preferred to take photographs at early mornings, aiming at showing the beauty of the city without passers-by and vehicles. For Franciszek Klein Cracow’s ordinary daily life was an element of photography: everyday street scenes, insignificant events, people and vehicles passing by. The combination of the two perspectives is an important addition to our vision of Cracow as it was 100 years ago. Furthermore, the exhibition will include a reconstruction of Antoni Pawlikowski’s photographic studio and mementoes of the two photographers.

The opening of the exhibition is to take place on 20 June 2017 at 16.00 in the Collegium Maius courtyard.

Published Date: 06.06.2017
Published by: Paweł Siemianowski