Into the Unknown. Following Lewis and Clark in their exploration of America's West

In the second half of September we will show the new temporary exhibition named ‘Adam Piekarski. Into the Unknown. Following Lewis and Clark in their exploration of America's West.’

The expedition organised in 1804-1806 by President Thomas Jefferson went down in history as the expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, but the following generations remembered it as The Corps of Discovery.

The Lewis and Clark expedition occurred during an important period of American history. The two explorers were not aware of the destiny awaiting them when they set off. Ahead of them were thousands of miles of virgin Missouri territory, but there was an obstacle since that territory was inhabited by native tribes, some of them already known for their military power and prowess  while other unknown tribes had never encountered the White man before. The explorers entered an uncharted land of enormous size and harshness, unsure when and whether they will be able to return home. They did not even have any charts of that area and had to rely on information from the Natives they encountered or their own intuition. Overcoming difficulties and meeting the native inhabitants of that land became a capturing adventure of discovering a new world, something most other people could not experience. The course of events from that period demonstrates that, despite all dangers and unforeseen consequences, the challenge was worth the effort and eventually became a great historical undertaking of Americans, while the trails blazed by the historical expedition made it easier for other explorers.

The opening event is to take place on 22 September 2017 at 14:00 with free entry.

Published Date: 22.08.2017
Published by: Paweł Siemianowski